Manufacturer representation to all the major retailers in North America is what we do. We do that together with your marketing and sales managers, or with you individually. The point is we do it together. With many, many years of sales management experience we can help you reach your target retailers. Whether we’re dealing with big box stores, large grocery retailers, convenience or drug chains, you can be assured our team has been there and done that.

Our process is simple. We analyze the marketplace, the category, the competition and the shelf space available. We’ll discuss your product or program with current, trusted buyers at national chains to see if the opportunities for success are real. And then we’ll let you know if there’s a fit for our two groups to work together.

We don’t use buzz words like synergy, alignment and holistic. That’s just not our style. We’re direct and to the point. Let’s talk.

Ready to work with us? Just give us a call and sign our non-disclosure agreement – we can start working together right away.

We work with buyers at these chains.